Ayurvedic Massage 

What is an ayurvedic massage?

After determining my client‘s unique constitution (doshas) during a consultation, I use specially selected oils with excellent absorption, hydration and healing properties for improvement of the function of their mind-body types or doshas (Vata/Pitta/Kapha) and main presenting complaint.


Ayurvedic massage is done with great awareness of the marmas and chakras. In ayurveda, marmas are vital points, similar to acupressure points. They are located at junctions where muscles, vessels, ligaments and bones meet and one considered the seat of vital energy (prana).

The massage works on both physical and mental levels.

Physically it helps all systems of the body, the immune, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, muscular, skeleton, digestive and lymphatic.

Mentally it helps the mind to relax.

Main Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

By providing nourishment to the tissues it may help increase longevity

Helps reduce fatigue

Improves circulation and toxins elimination

Hydrates the skin therefore improves the texture of the skin

Helps reduce pain and inflammation 

 Enhances prana/life force

Alleviates stress and improves sleep

Head massage may help stimulate hair follicles and improve sinus drainag


 (1h 30)  Massage:   £60

(1h)  Massage:   £45 (concession £40)

(30 min) Head and Face Massage:  £30